6804-2RS 61804-2RS tam ZrO2 seramik bilyalı rulman 20x32x7mm

6804-2RS 61804-2RS tam ZrO2 seramik bilyalı rulman 20x32x7mm

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Free shipping 6804-2 RS 61804-2 RS full Zr O2 ceramic deep groove ball bearing 20x32x7mm Quality : Zr O2 Ceramic inner and outer rings,           Zr O2   ceramic balls,           PTFE retainer cage           PTFE seal           Net weight : 0.013 KG           Open, if you need other type,please contact with us!
    Because there are two many different kinds of bearings,so we cann;t show all bearing in our shop,so if you want some models that are not in shop, please contact me for more information. Full ceramic bearings with no-magnetic insulation, corrosion resistant, oilessness,self-lubricating, high temperature resistant, cold, etc., can be used in extremely hardsh environments and special conditions.     1, high-speed : a cold, a small force elasticity, anti-stress, poor thermal conductivity, light weight, low friction coefficient, etc., can be applied to 12,000 rev / min to 75,000 rev / min high-speed spindles and other precision equipment in;   2, high temperature : temperature of the material itself has 1200 degree, and good self-lubricating, normal temperatures between 180 degree~ -260 degree, no swelling caused due to temperature. Full silicon nitride ceramic ball bearings at 800-1000 degree,normal temperature can be used in furnaces, made of plastic, steel and other high-temperature devices;    3, corrosion : material itself has corrosion-resistant properties, can be applied in the field of acid, alkali, inorganic, organic salt, water, such as : plating equipment, electronic equipment, chemical machinery, shipbuilding, medical equipment.    4, magnetic : do not smoke because of non-magnetic dust can reduce premature bearing spalling, noise and large. Available in the demagnetization equipment. Precision instruments and other fields.    5, electrical insulation : due to the high resistance force, can avoid arcing damage bearings, available in a variety of requirements for insulation of electrical equipment.    6, vacuum : due to ceramic materials with unique oil-free self-lubricating properties, in ultra-high vacuum environment, the silicon nitride ceramic bearings can not be achieved to overcome the plain bearing lubrication problems.   7. Water-proof   Main purpose :    Medical equipment, optical equipment, printing machinery, high-speed machine tools, high-speed motor, cryogenic engineering, food processing machinery, reactors, high-temperature furnaces, Medical apparatus and instruments, optical instruments, printing machines, cryogenic engineering, bicycles and some other transport.   Other type structure : Full full ceramic ball bearings Full ceramic bearing magnetoelectricity insulation resistance, wear-resisting corrosion resistance, free of self-lubrication, characteristics such as high temperature resistance, cold resistance, can be used in extremely harsh environment and the special operating mode. Ring and roller adopts silicon nitride (SI3 N4) ceramic materials. Full ball full ceramic bearing side with ball gap, with no cage structure design, can be more than standard bearing load of the structure of ceramic ball, thus improve the radial load capacity, also can avoid the cage material limit, can achieve the ceramic type cage full ceramic bearing corrosion resistant and temperature resistant effect.

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